Better Days Will Come.. For Those That Pull-Up

Did you notice how the lives of almost everyone start declining around age 30, then deteriorate faster and faster at 50, and finally take a massive nosedive at 70?

Is it any wonder that our society is in such a declining position as of the last.. 5,000 years?

The main difference I’ve found between those who gradually move up vs. those that gradually sink down is the act of “pulling up”.

I like to use the words “pull up” because of its connotations to an airplane pilot how pulls the yoke on his aircraft when the plane is going down. It takes a lot of effort but if you hold it enough (at-least in the movies) the plane will fly back up eventually in a beautiful parabola!

Those who are stuck and unable to take action and pull up enough would generate the necessary resources to eventually start taking action, even Grant Cardone says that one day after fighting himself for long enough he just got sick of it and began taking action.

The same goes for those who are already taking action and are only seeing slow improvements in their lives, DON’T LET GO! KEEP PULLING UP!

The biggest mistake people make is not seeing change fast enough and quitting, persistence and consistency is the mother of everything. Even a tsunami wave takes years to build up before it destroys everything in its path.

You can start pivoting, you can change your direction, but never let go of the yoke and don’t stop pulling up, you are guaranteed a result if you keep attacking.

So keep pulling up, wherever you are at right now, it’ll get better, but only if you don’t let go of the yoke!

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