Screening VS Chasing in Life and Business

Because of the horrible economy in Greece which is mostly built on the tourists coming in, almost everyone will try to cheat you out of money in some way. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in Greece that has served me in business is the difference between a “market” attitude vs a “screening” attitude, I call this the difference between chasing and screening.

When you’re looking for anything in life, whether it’s a customer, a mate, friends or a great deal, you want to apply a principle called “begin with the end in mind”, or as I like to call it – “screening”. Instead of heading into the market (wherever you can find something you want is what I consider a market) and just looking for the best deal, or what looks the most hot right now, the smartest way to get what you want is to consciously define ahead of time exactly what it is you want, based on the exact standards that you’d be judging the thing on anyway.

As long as you come with an exact defined set of parameters for what you want you can simply go through as many deals as needed until you find what you want. I’m not saying that if price is $X*2 and you want $X that you should just move on immediately, rather just simply explain exactly what you’re looking for and ask if it would be possible. This is for people who don’t like to negotiate but still want to get a great deal on whatever they desire. If there is truly in abundance in the market than eventually you’re guaranteed to find someone who can give you exactly what you want.

The world’s best investors never just look for investments that look hot, they define a specific set of criteria ahead of time that determines what stock, real-estate, company etc.. is the right fit for what they’re looking for. They’d rather be patient and wait until the perfect right deal comes along, that’s true not just in money but also in business, customers, friends and dating. Never compromise for what you can get, trust that you’re perfect opportunity is there, no matter how specific it is. Be patient and work hard to find it, and you will.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” – Matthew 7:7

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