So What Have I done So Far?


  • Earned over $15,000 / month from coaching at the age of 20.
  • Launched, financed and hosted a 500 people seminar in just 14 days.
  • Created multiple $10,000+ / month businesses usually within weeks.
  • Profited over $10,000 in a single day from commodity investing.
  • Attended a $20,000 seminar at the castle of businessman Dan Peña.
  • Managed a $450,000 Facebook Ad Account for a major Israeli company
  • Read over 300 business, success and biography books.
  • Considered a hypnotic speaker with lectures up to 15 hours long.
  • Coached a 19 years old student to make over $40,000 on our first month.
  • Invented the Formula-Based Success Coaching Model.
  • Former business partner with the youngest millionaire in Lithuania.
  • Interviewed by a major Israeli news network following my quick rise to fame.
  • Started first business by accident at age 14 which still produces passive income.
  • Invested $3,000 at age 18 to be coached by the #1 dating coach in the world.
  • Lived in Bangkok for a whole month and went through profound epiphanies.
  • Mastered habits and consistency, taught many people how to do habits perfectly.
  • Spent over $100,000 by age 22 on books, courses, seminars and mentors.
  • Overcame Bipolar Disorder and saved myself from likely death.
  • Built up an ever growing YouTube following with many fans.


  • Lost over $50,000 trading commodities in a single day.
  • Countless business failures that had cost me hundreds of thousands dollars.
  • Went in and out of debt multiple times.
  • Missed many deadlines and often failed to reach lofty goals.
  • Disastrously irresponsible financial spending for many years.
  • Been humiliated, destroyed and all but distraught many times in my career.
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