Stacking the 3 Levels of Financial Success to Build Assets

There’s 3 levels of financial success that you have to stack on-top of each other if you want to get to affluence.

The 3 levels are SecurityComfort and Abundance.

  1. Security is having the basic necessities in life such as food, water and shelter. It means that you feel safe with being able to comfortably maintain the necessities in your life.
  2. Comfort is being able to comfortably afford the basic necessities in life as-well as the basic luxuries of life. This means gym, TV, books, courses, movies, restaurants; this is what the middle-class strives for.
  3. Abundance is anything above these 2 levels and extends to infinity.

The biggest mistake people make is going for Abundance before taking care of Security. I know so many people who try to start a business, close deals, sell books and just hope to make it big and jump to abundance, while being stressed daily about their level of Security.

These are the people that rent an apartment, buy their food, spend money on their business, but don’t even have a cashflow yet that supports their basic level of Security which keeps them in constant fear of losing the Security that they temporarily have.

You can’t go for affluence while you’re constantly stressed and worried. This isn’t like the ghetto kid fighting his way out, or the entrepreneur that takes a big risk and needs to make it happen, this is just straight financial suicide and also emotional torture.

It’s impossible to focus on building abundance by trying to “skip levels” and go straight to affluence. You’re not going to create that passive income you’re looking for because you’ll be broke before you make it!

In-order to make this thing happen you have to be 100% focused and aligned on your goal, which is impossible while you’re constantly second-guessing yourself, putting pressure on the process and feeling burnt-out from stress. You need to be calm, relaxed and HAVE TIME to create steady assets of income.

There’s 2 solutions to this problem:

  1. Create Income: If you create a steady income, could be a job, or it could be just aiming a bit lower with your business for a while, you’ll be able to create a cashflow that get you to Security and then to Comfort. Once you’re sitting solidly at Security or Comfort you can now invest your time and focus on building your assets that will produce wealth and abundance.
  2. Reduce Expenses: The other way is to simply drastically reduce income, you can even move to your parent’s home and have zero expenses for a while, because you’ll be at Security you’ll have your attention on building your assets rather than being anxious of missing rent.

Obviously you can combine the 2, if you cut expenses in half and also take a job 2 hours a day you could easily stay in the Security level. Don’t think you’re smart for not having enough cashflow while living in Comfort, this is the exact opposite of comfort since you’re way too anxious all the time so you don’t even enjoy what you have. It’s much better to just use that rent money to promote your business anyway.

Take care of your basic necessities and you’ll have the freedom of mind and heart to go for abundance by building assets that required patience and steadiness. Never focus on assets while you’re distressed, it’s a recipe for disaster.

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