Time to Step Up Your Efficiency!

Come always aware throughout the day of the various ways I can get more productive with the same amount of time. That’s why I always look for ways to improve my productivity by using hacks and tools that’ll enable me to get more done in less time or with less energy wasted.

Just as a funny and small example this entire article is (or was, depending on when you read it), written entirely using my voice dictating it, meaning that I did not touch the keyboard a single time while writing this article.

This is profound. This is incredible. This literally means that I could be working out while writing this sort of article, the implications are incredible and this is just an awesome example of how Technology enables us to do more with less time.

In the past if you wanted to write an article, or write a journal entry, I just like anything (like an email for example), you would have to use your visual senses as well as actually riding on your phone or on your computer, you can clearly see this is not the case anymore.

There’re very many more hacks like this regarding your business and what you can improve regarding your business, specifically in the areas of content creation, Content dissemination, Content marketing, statistics and information management and a few more which I’m still researching.

What I want you to get out of this article is a renewed sense of interest in the the ways that YOU can revolutionize your work flow and productivity and make it work and content creation and management fun again!

So if I manage to write this article in about 3 to 5 minutes with absolutely no use of the keyboard on my MacBook air, just think of what you can do if you find the right technology for YOUR daily workflow of activities.

Let me know what you think about this article, let me know what you found regarding revolutionizing technologies, and if this article helps you consider using dictation to make your writing faster, then I’m definitely glad you’ve read this. All hail the future!

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