Without Consistency You’re Like a Rocket That Goes Up then Crashes

Are you sick of your life staying the same? Maybe you make a big change once in a while, adopt a workout regimen, perhaps focus on creating or growing a business, but here’s the thing – without consistency, it doesn’t matter how high you go, you’ll just go back down.

Any endeavor you take to increase your health, wealth, relationships or any other life area you want to take care of, must be taken with the principle of eternal consistency in mind!

Whatever actions you do today to cause the growth much continue for the growth to persist. Once the actions that caused the growth stop, the cycle of growth ends and you’ll gradually start losing what you’ve created at ever-increasing speeds.

The secret that the rich use is that they never neglect the income sources they created, they supplement and add more!

Nobody said that you have to be the one who keeps taking the actions that caused the growth, barring things like your physical body, you can simply delegate and hire other people to keep taking the actions that created growth for you.

You must come into any new project or endeavor with the mind that the actions that caused the growth must keep happening consistently forever if you want the growth to keep happening.

Again, you don’t necessarily have to be the one doing the actions but someone has to do them if you want growth to continue, or else stagnation will kick in.

This is the single biggest mistake I see people making, they simply don’t persist with their actions. They start something and either quit before the growth really starts, or worse, they achieve their goals and then stop making the efforts that got them the goal! (which means they’ll lose it sooner or later).

Remember, consistency is a must. Consistency is the building block of growth, not effort or efficiency. Effort is the amount of energy invested to growth, efficiency is the amount of energy converted to growth – but without consistency no long-term growth exists and even fast spurts of growth are pointless since they’ll disappear sooner or later anyway once the consistency stops.

So if you are sick of your life staying the same and not growing and changing, start being consistent in your actions. This guarantees growth, and growth equals change. If the habits are positive, than consistency guarantees positive change!

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