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The 5-Step Blueprint to
Closing High-Ticket Sales
While Traveling the World
I’ll teach you step-by-step how I went from broke to closing $2,000+ sales for me and my various clients in a matter of months – without any prior sales or marketing experience.
I’m going to show you

Why selling $2,000+ products and services is A LOT EASIER than selling $37 items and how to start closing $2,000+ deals TODAY.

The 3 attributes to quickly identify who are your ideal clients (30% closing ratio!) and exactly how to then find and close them.

The COMPLETE sales-funnel that makes those results happen, step-by-step, from start to finish, and show you how to build your own!
This is a test. I’ve never put all this content online before. Until today I only taught this to my private coaching clients. You should get it now before I come to my senses and take this down.
What this blueprint did for me
After fantasizing for years of having my own online business and reading many books on the topic, I still felt completely stuck and without direction, even after many failed attempts. That’s when I snapped and decided “NO MORE!”.

I contacted people who were already successful online, shelled out over $50,000 (most of it loaned) and did whatever it takes to learn.

It took many 18-hour work days and sleepless nights, but eventually, everything CLICKED.
What used to be so scary for me (sales and marketing) became easy and natural, I started closing sales of $2,000 and sometimes $3,000 every week while traveling the world and working 10-15 hours per week.

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What this blueprint did for others

People love straightforward right? So I’ll be straightforward with you- I met Robby when I had no idea what I want to do for a living, at this point he said he couldn’t help me with the process he provides. He offered me to take a grand adventure and rock my life. That adventures did what it should have, and I’ve reached many epiphanies about myself and my life. Bottom line? I realized I wanted to be a director. From there it was possible for me and Robby to start working together. After over a month of working with him, I can definitely say I’ve saved about 2 years worth of progress, and so will if you’re lucky enough to work with him. This is a person that does what needs to get done to help you reach your dreams as fast as possible in almost any area of life. Good luck!

Ilay CohenFilm Director

I’m currently working with Robby, this guy helps you understand what you want from life, not what you think you want, but what you REALLY want, and proceeds to propel you 1,000 steps towards that. Thanks to him I’m doing things that I’ve never thought I’d do and making my dreams come true. Anyone who wants to fly through life at 6th gear rather than 1st gear should know that Robby will help you make it happen.

Tomer LevDay Trader

How would I begin to describe Robby? Naughty, extreme, with boldness and charm. The kind of people you want to know. These people are a spark of inspiration to anyone who thinks you are required to take a long journey with decades of experience and have a massive following before you can rock the world and make people change fast – in a good way. This sharp dude, with his sly smile, will demonstrate to you live that this is a lie – a bold one. And that in general, anything is possible if you’re not ashamed to get the whole world behind you to make sure your decision happens at all costs.

Yosi Ben ZviMusician

I began officially working as a photographer just after our coaching session, I managed to close a $1,500 client for just 1 day of work. Thanks to you I felt comfortable going for big price offers and I’m not afraid of offering them anymore, especially now that people are paying! And it’s all completely thanks to you! a million thanks.

Keren SchossPhotographer
I Want The 5-Step Blueprint to Close $2,000+ Sales While Traveling the World!
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