Are You a Handsome Reader?

Most people read contents or watch videos and do it from a consumer mindset, meaning that they believe that just by reading the content things will automatically change. While that is true to some extent, the really cool things only happen when you make a decision to apply what you learn.

If you always wait for inspiration to strike you’re going to be disappointed because you’ll find that it doesn’t come to often.

What do you want to do instead is consciously ask yourself whenever you’re watching a video or reading something, “what is one actionable step that I can glean from this content?”, by asking this question you’re focusing your mind on the right channel.

I’m not discounting the fact that mindset is extremely important and some content is about changing your paradigms, but in the majority of cases action needs to precede the change in order for it to occur.

Most of the time we only change from a place of inspiration or from a place of desperation, be the wise man (or woman) and choose the middle, meaning, you don’t wait for intense inspiration but you also don’t wait for heavy dissatisfaction to push you.

Being rationally able to take and apply new pieces of content by putting them into action without needing emotional triggers is one of the greatest gifts you can ever have.

So do yourself a favor, and instead of digesting content like a leech or a sloth, Make a decision find one actionable steps in every piece of content that you decide to watch.

If you can’t find any actionable content, you either did not understand the content or you’re not listening to the right material.

Start with this article and putting it into action by asking yourself, “What is the one thing I can take on this article and put it into action in my life right now?”. This obviously is much easier when you’re already taking a lot of action, but I assume this won’t be too hard since were only talking about The task of reading and digesting content.

Remember the golden rule, for every one hour of learning you do make sure you apply two hours of action to it.

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