Can’t Write? Do It Anyway! Your Best Content’s a Few Words Ahead.

I’ve noticed from my experience of writing 10+ pages every single day for my book, as-well as writing an article every day that it’s actually the times when we’re having the “writers block” effect, that resistance, that our best content is just on the way.

It’s at the times where I felt the most resistance before writing, usually with thoughts of “I don’t know what to write about”, that I wrote down my most brilliant content.

With time I actually learned to associate that feeling of resistance to excitement, since just after I start writing I’d find out I had written my best content in a long time.

Creativity and excellence come from pressure. When you want to write but your head and gut are grinding you because you’re “empty”, that’s the EXACT time to start writing down, because that empty place is where intuitive and creative art comes from.

Every time I felt that writing block and wrote anyway I found out that I actually had a piece of content that was unique and helpful just waiting inside me to be expressed. This hasn’t failed me even once.

So next time you want to start writing, either for a book, an article or just as a hobby, don’t wait until the feeling of block ends because it’s actually your greatest asset! Recognize that empty, grinding feeling as your greatest asset and start writing away, you won’t recognize the results because you’ve just created something new, but you’ll more than love the fact you’ve just put it in writing for the world to enjoy.

You want to hear a funny secret? This article you’re reading was written because of this very feeling. I had no idea I was going to write about this until I’ve committed to just start writing. Do you like it so far? Found it helpful? Would you rather if I didn’t start writing when I felt the block? Now apply that to yourself and realize that the world is waiting for your genius to be put in writing.

Start writing, then keep writing. That’s how it goes!

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