Enthusiasm Is Also a Currency

This is actually something that I learned from one of my mentors, Dan Peña, when he told me that one of his five credos for success is enthusiasm.

I’ve recently had a reminder of that when talking to a girl named Stacy Cross who owns a business named Comfort Killers, Stacy is a business woman and coach, but what stood out about her the moment I saw her was her extreme and unique enthusiasm!

This also reminded me of a former client of mine who used to make coaching videos, even though he wasn’t that successful, nor did he have that much to talk about, his ability to generate immense passion and enthusiasm and his videos (that was genuine and came from a real place) was absolutely incredible. He absolutely captivating to watch and got amazing results in terms of use and watch time simply because of his captivating enthusiasm.

I’ve closed so many clients, made so many amazing videos, negotiated big deals, and had so many lucky things happen to me – because of enthusiasm.

One great trick that I used to do to get crazy deals with CEOs where I would work for the company as a consultant even though I didn’t have any experience was offered to work based on results, usually they would’ve said no, but the fact that I knew that they had nothing to lose made me so passionate and enthusiastic that they just couldn’t say no!

I believe made me so passionate and enthusiastic that they just couldn’t say no!
I believe that the reason enthusiasm works the way doesn’t is because it is one of the highest levels of human emotions, we all oscillate between happiness, sadness, anger boredom excitement and so on… but the absolute highest level is enthusiasm.

I believe that the way the brain works is that when you see somebody who’s enthusiastic, truly enthusiastic, you tend to believe that person and also get swayed by his emotional strength. It’s almost as if we don’t even believe someone could lie if he’s that damn enthusiastic.

The best ways to build up enthusiasm are:

  1. Do something that you’re passionate about, I know this is an obvious one but most people don’t listen to it. Whatever you do in life make sure it’s something that you care about and are interested in because then you’ll naturally get passionate and enthusiastic when engaging in it. Not all the time of course, but naturally, some or most of the time.
  2. Be completely honest, I don’t know about you but I found that I can’t be enthusiastic if I’m not honest. When you’re completely transparent and have nothing to fear about you tend to be a lot more open in your communication and that’s potentially more enthusiastic.
  3. Genuinely challenge yourself, when you take up new projects, make sure that you take projects that genuinely interest you and are not just incremental improvements over the last thing. The more you feel like you’re challenged the more enthusiastic you’ll usually get about overcoming this obstacle and getting to your goal.

These are just some quick tips regarding enthusiasm, remember that enthusiasm could be the difference between closing the deal or not (probably well!), Could be the difference between getting the client, getting that girl, solving that problem, are you been getting away with something by paying with charisma instead of money LOL.

I highly recommend you check out Stacy Cross’s videos if you want to see a prime example of enthusiasm, I have an interview with her on YouTube. Just search for “Robby Frank Stacy Cross” on YouTube and you’ll see it, prepared to have your mind blown away!

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