My Philoshopy of Rational VS Emotional Thinking

One of the biggest turning points in my life, was the decision to stop taking action from a place of inspiration or desperation. The day I decided to base my life on rationality did not emotions is the day I regained the ability to be consistent with my actions, and thus my growth and success.

For many years I was dependent on creating situations where would have emotional triggers in order to guarantee that I’ll take action. For example, I would always spend too much money to make sure that I was stressed about making more money, Thus guaranteeing I would increase my income.

For other people this might be the saying “it’s importance to be scared of cheating on your partner so that you won’t cheat on them.”, Again, this is emotions versus rationality. You don’t need emotional triggers to make sure you do or not do something.

The key for overcoming this dependence on emotion is realizing that depending on the motion is not consistent and would never amount to massive results.

I tried pushing the limits bite spending more and more money because I would get use to anxiety and I would need more triggers. This is an endless cycle that continues on until you crash!

Even relying on excitement to go to the gym for example isn’t survival behavior, this is because you’re not always going to feel excited about doing this. It’s much better to rely on your discipline and enjoying the boosts (or “surges”) and achievements when you do feel like it and do you have the motivation.

Once you realize that depending on emotions isn’t sustainable, can’t create consistency and thus can’t guarantee success you will quickly decide to let it go, when I make a decision I don’t make it from a place of inspiration or desperation, I make from place of rationality, which makes it very sustainable makes sure that I consistently and fully commit to this new decision.

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