Stake Life Upon Truth

There is a delicate balance in life between faith and truth. When you just started your way union nothing and had to learn everything from other people and from your experience.

As you get older though you develop more and more into your reality of how things are and how things should be.

At the beginning we are all just looking for answers but once you’ve had a mentor or two show you the ropes and you began to develop your own sense of judgment, it’s time to fight for your truth in what you believe in.

Eventually we start setting our own path and then life will start to put obstacles in front of us to test how family we believe in our perceptions of how reality should be.

Almost every single successful person has had to deal with unbelievable odds where most seemingly normal people would’ve already given up at this point.

So once you come and do your own in terms of maturity and you build that vision for the confidence you gain of how things should be, it’s that time for you to fight and keep pushing forward in spite of contradictory evidence.

Not everyone is in favor of your dream being pursued, in-fact, most people will try to suppress it in one way or another, either by making it smaller and more realistic, going against you, and mostly by trying to diverge you from your chosen path.

Stay strong, stick to your path. 

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