The 2 Ways to Achieve Your Goals

In my life I discovered there are only two ways to actually achieve your goals:

  1. Daily Habits Approach: This is the approach that I discovered recently in the last few years. It works because you apply consistent daily action towards your goal and build continuous momentum to achieve it. For example, let’s say that you want to be famous–you build a set of daily discipline says, daily goals that you do every single day that gets you one step closer steadily toward your goal. We’re talking about habits such as posting videos, writing articles, making phone calls, etc.
  2. Massive Commitment Approach: In this approach what you do is set a commitment to a massive goal and actually take a big risk with the deadline to achieving it, for example you might decide to do the 500 people lecture and you ask yourself “What do I need to do to commit to this”, or my favorite question, “Why would I do if I knew that I was going to make it?”. You then proceed to make that commitment, for example booking at 500 people room for you even have one person invited. This will make you take massive action at levels you’ve never believed possible and you can achieve your goals this way.

I alternate between the two approaches, With the daily habits approach being the baseline that keeps me steadily moving towards my goals, and the massive commitment approach used to great huge spikes in my success.

Let me know if you have any question about these approaches or need any examples for how I applied them in my life.

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