The 3 Causes of Common Cold

I used to catch common colds all the time and after discovering these three causes I now almost never catch a cold.

Most people make a common mistake of thinking that catching a cold is due to viruses or bacteria, Although that might be true it’s more often true that catching a cold is your body’s way of signaling to you That you’re not treating it properly.

The following three causes are things that can be easily and quickly fixed and once you fix them your cold will go away just as fast as it arrived.

The three common causes of cold are:

  1. Bad diet – catching a common cold most likely means you’re not young enough fruits and vegetables, and even more so if you’re eating bad food as well. When you catch a common cold the first thing you should ask yourself is “am I eating bad foods, and am I not eating the right foods? “, Immediately stopped eating bad foods (which won’t be so hard since you feel like shit anyway) and focus on eating as much fruits and vegetables as you can.
  2. Physical Fatigue – this is not exclusive to the amount of sleep that you had, but also to overall build up of fatigue in the body. If you’ve been depriving yourself of sleep, or working your mind or body off until complete exhaustion lately, your body is now putting the brakes. You can still exercise or work while you’re cold, just make sure that you get as much rest as you can.
  3. Mental fatigue – this sort of fatigue comes from having a lot of resistance in your day-to-day life, I’m talking about that feeling in the guts of resistance where you feel like you’re forcing yourself to do something, where you feel like you were carrying a heavy weight,  or when you feel like you’re going uphill. This is your bodies indication that you’re fighting yourself rather than fighting the true perceived problem, let go of the sword for a bit and remind yourself that the problem will still be there tomorrow to fight.

If you apply these three fixes when you catch a cold, or if you simply abide by them and make sure to not violate them even when you’re healthy, the chances of you catching a cold or close to zero and even when you will catch a cold, fixing these will usually make it go away in less than 24 hours.

Don’t be angry at your body for giving you this common cold, it’s simply the way the body can communicate with you, since you can’t talk to you. Just like most cars have automatic brakes that lock when you get really close to another car, so does your body have a mechanism to slow you down when it feels like you’re about to crash.

This works more often than not, and works to a great extent, so appreciate it and be grateful that you have a parking on your side and make sure they are always moving at the best speed possible.

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