When Structure Becomes More Important Than Strategy

Sometimes we get so caught up in the doing that we begin to appreciate the doing more than the goal itself.

One of my mentors called this mistake “structure over strategy”; this is the point where you begin to value the structure of “how things are” over actually getting to the goal, to the point where you would PREFER to keep things as they are even if a better alternative reveals itself, merely for the sake of not destabilizing the current structure of how things are.

This is the same mistake that big companies made where they would value “how things are” over “what’s needed”, you would often see these companies collapse and crash when younger and more agile companies would take their place, these new companies know that agility is king. That’s why companies like Google stay on-top, they don’t stop moving. It’s not just about being on-top, it’s about STAYING on top.

I find that in my obsessiveness and massive action taking I tend to build up so much momentum that I fail to stop and consider if there are better solutions for what am trying to achieve. I’d get so committed to taking action that I wouldn’t allow myself a second’s break to even consider pivoting to something else that might be more productive.

In these cases I find that I either force myself to slow down and stop for a bit to make sure that I’m doing the right thing, or the universe will simply do it for me by forcing me to stop, either by burning out or by getting increasingly less satisfied with what I’m doing.

We must continually upgrade and improve if we want to success, you can’t keep doing the same thing because what got you here won’t necessarily get you there. This is the paradox of consistency vs improvements, we must also continually improve what we are doing while staying consistent; it’s not enough just to do the same thing over and over again, we must continually improve that thing if we want exponentially better results.

If you feel stagnation is kicking in even though you’re taking massive action it simply means that you stopped innovating and focusing on the goals and started valuing the structure over the strategy itself. This is a sign for you to slow down, stop, and consider how you can improve what you’re doing or even scrap it entirely in favor of something better. Always keep the momentum graph on the up cycle, don’t let your growth stagnate.

Remember, strategy is ALWAYS more important than structure; “Be like water” as Bruce Lee says, take whatever shape is necessary to achieve your goals, don’t let your pursuit of the goals be more important than the goals you’re trying to achieve themselves.

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